The Ekonpolku nature trail takes you by the Tainionvirta river and the most beautiful scenery in Hartola. You will see the fertile and barren shores of the river and lake Jääsjärvi, birds, plants, butterflies and other insects as well as modern and prehistoric man-made sights. The trail is easy with no steep hills. The maps show three routes: the easiest main trail (marked red) can be walked wearing light shoes or sandals and can accommodate a stroller/pram, walker/rollator, or even a wheelchair. On the optional routes (marked with red dashed line), you will need light hiking shoes. (The longer, unofficial return trail the “Bog trail,” (marked with green dashed line) takes you through the bog, which can be wet; at least in the spring you will need boots. In the winter this part of the trail is a skiing track.) The length of the main trail proper (Hotel Linna—Kaarisilta bridge—Koskenniskansilta bridge—Barbeque hut —Hotel Linna) is about 3.5 km long and takes about 45 minutes of leisurely walking. (The longer return trail via the “Bog trail”  is about 4 km and takes another 1.5 hours.)

Ekonpolku in the Winter


Ekonpolku is open in the winter, depending on the weather conditions. In case the trails along the river have not been cleared, walk to Kaarisilta bridge, and continue straight along Suotie road, then turn to the left on Lohentie road and Kiiskenkuja alley and to the Koskenniskansilta bridge and return via Taimentie road to the hotel. The trail from Kaarisilta bridge to the sports field is reserved for skiers; but you can continue along Suotie road to the Meijerinsilta bridge and walk back to the hotel passing the museum and the memorial of the old church (route marked green).


Ruskaa Tainionvirralla

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