(4) The Tainionvirta river

The Tainionvirta river links Jääsjärvi lake with the Päijänne lake and finally with the Gulf of Finland. The surface of Jääsjärvi is 7 meters higher than that of Päijänne, creating several rapids in the river. The first is the Ekonkoski rapid. There is a canoe route (Tainionvirran melontareitti) that follows 24 km of river and 16 km of lake. In four places you have to carry your canoe around dams. At each, landing and launching is easily accessible.

The Tainionvirta is one of the best southern trout rivers in Finland. It has its own population of

Kalastaja on saanut taimenen koukkuunsa
A fisherman hooked a trout

umber trout, and lake trout are stocked in the river for fisherman to enjoy. The name of the river reflects that it has been fished since ancient times: the word “tainio” means fish trap. On the Kaarisilta (Arched bridge) over the Ekonkoski, you can watch trout swimming upstream.

The conservation of the shore vegetation is important for the well-being of the fish: the bushes bowing over the river offer shelter and shadow for the small fish, and bugs falling from the leaves in the river are an important part of the diet of young fish.
In the mid-1800s the value of timber increased and the Tainionvirta became an important route for floating logs from the shores of Jääsjärvi to the numerous sawmills on the river, and even on Päijänne in Heinola and Jyväskylä. The floating continued up to the middle of the 1950s. When you stand on the Kaarisilta and look to the right towards Jääsjärvi, you can see the remnants of wooden barriers under the water. They were used to keep the logs in the main current and to prevent them from turning and getting stuck in the rocks of the rapid.


Spring on the river Tainionvirta