(3) The Sacrificial stone

Sacrificial stones, also called “stones with cups” are artifacts of the Iron Age, which lasted here until the end of the Viking era. In some places, the stones were used into the 1650s. They have been discovered mostly in the Päijät-Häme area, 36 sacrificial stones of this kind have been discovered in Hartola. Another even bigger stone is on the other side of Eko Manor, near the road, close to the garbage bins. Small cups or openings are carved on the stone. Archeologists believe that people brought sacrifices or offerings such as grains or honey to secure good crops, luck in hunting, or perhaps success for their families. Possibly the cups use was linked with the adoration of the dead. Different farms or families may have had their own cups on the stone. How many cups can you find on this stone? (Archeologists have identified 11 cups.)

Kuppikivi kertoo muinaisten hartolalaisten uskomukista
The sacrificial stones signify the beliefs of ancient dwellers of Hartola.