The route description

The numbers refer to corresponding topics further along in the text.

The nature trail starts in front of the Eko Manor, which houses the Itä-Hämeen Opisto, at the parking lot of the hotel Linna (1). Walk along Taimentie road towards the Tainionvirta river. On the right-hand side of the road is a verdant valley with black (common) alders and old goat willows (2).

After passing a row of firs, there is a sign on the left:“Uhrikivi” (Sacrificial stone)  about 30 meters (3). After visiting the stone, turn to the right towards the Tainionvirta and cross the Ekonkoski rapid at the Kaarisilta bridge (4, 5, 6). Immediately after crossing the river, the trail turns to the left and passes a rain shelter built out of seaweed (7, 8). Walk along the river, and turn to the left to cross the Koskenniskansilta bridge. Immediately before the bridge there is a resting place by the river. After crossing the bridge, walk straight ahead, towards the Lokkilammikko pond. You can either walk on the road and pass the pond from the left, or take the small footpath and pass it from the right side. After passing the pond, turn to the right on Aurinkorannantie road, and after about 50m turn again to the right to the Koskenlahti venevalkama/Koskenlahti Barbeque hut, where the Tainionvirta leaves Jääsjärvi lake. There is a parking area and a dry toilet by the hut. About 500m further along Aurinkorannantie road you will find the Aurinkoranta swimming area with a small sandy beach, a hut for changing clothes, and toilets. Before the turn to the beach, you will see on the left the green-and white sign of the nature conserve area Tikkametsä forest (10). From the barbeque hut you can return either walking along the river shore on a footpath to the Koskenniskansilta bridge and further to the Korentosilta bridge, which is somewhat crooked and can be quite slippery especially after rain. An easier way is to return to Aurinkorannantie road and Lokkilammikko pond and then turn to the right to the trail on the northern side of the Tainionvirta. After about 100 m you can see a glimpse of the Korentosilta bridge on the left (11, 12). The trail then continues between the Sammakkolampi ponds (13, 14). After the ponds, there is path to left leading to a narrow bridge and to the “Riverside” resting place. The trail continues back to Taimentie road and back to the hotel Linna.

If you would like a longer walk, you can return via the Riippusilta bridge: walk toward the south from the Kaarisilta bridge and take the footpath to the right (marked with a sign: “Riippusilta”). The about 1 km trail passes through the swamp, and during most of the year, you will need rubber boots or heavy walking shoes. The path will take you through a swamp forest, with occasional openings and views of the river. The path ends at the village sports ground, where you should walk directly towards the river. There is a swim tower on the right; the area is recommended for good swimmers only because of the strength and depth of the water. Cross the river on the Riippusilta bridge (Hanging bridge)—note the recommendation to maintain a distance of 5 m between each person; do not try to make the bridge swing! From the bridge there is a pretty view to the Koskipää Manors—the yellow building houses the Maila Talvio Summer Art Exhibition and the green building the Regional Itä-Häme Museum. The Riippusilta bridge takes you to Jokiranta, a mighty red house built of logs, the site of the “Strange Bird Cinema night.”

After passing Jokiranta, pass the park of the museum and turn to the right to the Memorial Stone of the old church, and then right towards the hotel Linna along the birch alley.

The small wooden bridges along the trail are in a bad condition in Spring 2016, beware rotten boards!